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BNT Bont Short Track Boot


Bont BNT BNT Bont Short Track Boot The BNT short track boot is a step up from the Z. Unlike the Z which is constructed with carbon and fiberglass, the BNT is made with 100% carbon which makes it stiffer than the Z. The outer skin is also made of a higher-grade material than the Z. The foam padding is thinner and harder than the Z and there is no thermoplastic in the boot which makes it a little less heat moldable but lighter in weight. The boot is still heat-moldable from the resin. The BNT has set a new benchmark in the inline skating world and we hope it will do the same in short track. Top inline skaters have said that it is the best-fitting stock boot they have ever worn. We also have a BOA edition which adds a BOA dial for getting your skates in quick. The BNT is one of the lightest boots that we have ever made, so light you will hardly know you have it on. Find your BONT size here Features Base: 100% carbon with matte finish Outer skin: Durolite Liner: Suede-L Innersole: EVA thermo-moldable Heat moldable: Fully heat moldable base utilizing epoxy thermoset resin Padding: Neoprene 2mm Protection: none Vegan: Yes Bont is one of the only brands to have the official licence to use genuine Boa dials made in the USA. The Boa dial offers a replacement to traditional laces, ratchets, Velcro straps, or any of the other various closure mechanisms, instead utilizing a steel lace, nylon guides and mechanical reel to keep shoe snugly on foot. The Boa dials allow you to easily tighten and loosen your skates by turning the dial.

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