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Evo QuarQ ST PM


  • Evo QuarQ ST PM

  • Evo's innovative design features different left and right blade specifications
  • Unique Curve technology includes a constant width pre-bent lip on the left blade and a wider lip width on the front of the right blade
  • This design yields a more consistent feel and increased grip on the right blade
  • Provides the ideal balance of sensitivity and stability
  • PM runners offer superior glide characteristics and maintain excellent sharpness
  • Designed in Canada and engineered in Holland
  • Premium quality Dutch sourced aluminum and steel
  • Evo's innovative cup system
16.0, 16.5, 17.0, 17.5, 18.0 "
Custom Cups:
+ 5mm higher or angled cups are also available upon special request.
EVO QuarQ PM Short Track Bladesare pre bend with a radius of 25 meters. The left and right blades are different from each other for better corning and more grip. The PM K390 runner offers a massif gliding and a superb sharpening result. Made in the Netherlands of the best material available.

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699.99 $

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