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EHS ACS DESCRIPTION The EHS ACS blade is an equivalent to the Argon blade from Evo. The blade offers the most rigid tube at EHS. It is suitable for advanced skaters who are looking for a blade that will be able to transmit the maximum energy pushed on the ice. It has a pre-curve which makes the reputation of designer Edward Hagen. The blade is made of a very high quality metal powder. EHS is a Dutch company formed in 2019 by three former partners of Evo skates. Edward Hagen is in charge of product creation and production, Jacob Kromkamp is responsible for steel and finally Derrick Campbell takes care of product development and design and promotion. All three have proven themselves in the world of speed skating and their expertise is reflected in the quality of their products. Rigidity index (1 to 4): 4 Pre-curved: Yes Tube: Aluminum Steel: PM

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