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Exacta Parabolica jig

Exacta Parabolica jig New. MADE IN USA, The“Exacta Parabolica” is the high end skate sharpening jig that is setting the standard for accuracy repeatability and ease of use. CNC machined from thick solid aircraft grade alloy plate in a design that minimizes the dimensional distortions of the jig body caused by clamp pressures. It does not rely on gimmicks like movable clamp faces that add error to the precision of the vertical positioning and parallelism of the blades. It is solid well engineered and quality built to give the most repeatable results obtainable. It does this all while still being light and easy enough to travel with setup and use. Some of the advantages over other designs. The solid precision machined clamps faces achieve higher contact pressure than other designs and eliminate bend distortion of the blade runner without the added errors caused by movable faces. This parabolic shape reaches unmatched levels of blade security and clamping precision. Clamp knobs our custom large comfortable composite construction with custom brass tread inserts and run on fine threaded replaceable stainless studs. Clamp forces are held with simple tension in these studs. Clamps pivot on sturdy oversized precision ground hardened pins. Added pocket room allows easy fit of oversize blade tubes. The oversized fully machined Cross bar and clamp towers mate over a large area increasing security of assembly and increases repeatability of user chosen spacing. Cross tube also has machined bottom detents so you can quickly and easily get back to the exact same spacing. Lengths are permanently marked on these critical top surface with a fine laser engravings, eliminating any raised surfaces most other types of machining cause. Nice wide platform with a sturdy end stop and stable high damping rubber feet. Nothing comes close, at any price point. Top stops available at additional cost.

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