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MPC Street Fight 125mm Inline Skate Wheel

MPC Street Fight 125mm Inline Skate Wheel The MPC 125mm Street Fight inline speed skating racing wheel offers more advancement in speed and performance than any other wheel in its segment. The MPC Street Fight also brings variations in stiffness for those with the need to mix up your wheelbase to optimise your speed/grip ratio. The Big 125mm Street Fight wheel is the single-band alternative to other wheels on the market that give you long roll, responsive grip and the comfort you need to maximise your results and remain competitive as the sport moves to this larger 125mm wheel format. Big 125mm Street Fight Orange offer more flex while Big Street Fight Black gives you the stiffness and roll advantage. Responsive and stable in the turns and rigid in the straights, the right hub mix is truly a crucial element of your speed strategy. Made in: USA Application: Road or track Diameter: 125mm Hardness: X-Firm Bearing size: 608 This 125mm inline skate wheel uses the same great formula as the top of the line Bont Red Magic Hardcore wheel but it has no flexband inside which saves you money. *Price is per wheel.

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