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Bottine Bont Jet

La bottine Bont Jet est la botte d’entrée de gamme chez Bont. La botte est très confortable et rigide.La base est faite d’un composite carbone avec thermoplastiques moulables  à la chaleur.


Bont believe that most long boots are not supporting enough. A lack of support absorbs your energy rather than transferring it into forward motion. That's why they build their skate with more support than most. The boots are made with a heat moldable thermoset plastic which makes the boot extremely moldable. All Bont boots are made in one piece by hand.

The Bont long track JET is our entry level boot but is packed full of Bont innovations. The boot is very comfortable yet stiff. The boot and tongue are both moldable and the laces are waxed. The base is made of a composite carbon with heat moldable thermoplastic.

Bont skates are covered by a warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.


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