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Patinage de vitesse




High-end diamond sharpening stone, 2 sides. 10 "x 4" x 3/8 "250mm x 100mm x 9.5mm.


Diamant, recognized hardest materials, allows an extremely fast sharpening (20 seconds instead of 10 minutes). A slight pressure on the stone produces a sharp wire in few movements.


Only use water as a lubricant. Very durable, always stays flat, does not dig. 


Black - Extra rough grain 220, 60 micron

Blue - Medium grain 325, 45 micron

Red - Fine grain 600, 25 micron

Green - extra fine grain 1200, 9 micron



Black / Blue - W250CXNB

Blue / Red - W250FCNB

Red / Green - W250ENFB

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