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BONT PRO JIG SHARPENING STARTER KIT 1 Pro jig: The BONT sharpening jig is designed to fit every brand of blade on the market and is the only jig you will ever need. The jig is designed in Canada by Gael Doucet-Gagnon and manufactured by BONT skates. It is lightweight, strong, compact and will notaffect your blades bend while sharpening. It is easy to assemble and disassemble which is great if you need to travel to competitions around the world. 1 NORTON JUM3 or IM2 Oil Bench stone The 10 inch DuoSharp® is the ultimate diamond benchstone. All of the advantages of the 8" model, but with 87% more of DMT®’s trademark interrupted polka-dot diamond sharpening surface. Each of these double-sided benchstones offers over 4 carats of micronized, monocrystalline diamond. Use water to protect your stone when sharpening. Size: 10" x 4"x 0.375" (250mm x 100mm x 10mm) 1 XB1 133ml Sharpening oil • Norton oil is a highly refined lubricating oil • Specifically formulated for sharpening stone use • Equally ideal for all lubricating jobs • It will not load or “gum-up” sharpening stones • Meets U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards • May be used around food preparation operation for mineral oil purity 1 Whetstone fine (Red) A portable enhancement to any tool kit is the Mini Diamond 70mm stone in DMT’s signature polka-dot pattern. Quick edge repair anywhere. Sharpening with diamonds is fast and easy. Use water to protect your stone when sharpening. Size: 2 11/16" x 15/16" x 3/16" (70 mm x 24 mm x 5 mm) 1 Kill burr The Dutch Secret that you won’t want to live without!!! No more slips, no need for bandaids for your fingers! This super cool invention combines the burr cutting magic of carbide in a finger saving case. It stays square to ensure a perfect edge every time. Adjusts to different blade thicknesses automatically. Created and produced in the Netherlands by Goud-Sport. This one is a must-have in every sharpening kit!!

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